The Cafe Borrone All-Stars - Clint Baker has been leading a New Orleans style band at Cafe Barrone in Menlo Park (San Jose Area) for the past 16 years! This site includes their performance Schedule and Photos.
Climax Jazz Band - Based in Toronto Canada, and formed in 1971, this favorite festival band is known for their tight, driving, British style traditional jazz.
Gremoli - New Orleans Jazz in the Los Angeles Area. Come and see us play on Sundays at the Montrose Farmer's Market!
The Jim Cullum Jazz Band - As heard on Riverwalk Jazz.
The Port City Jazz Band - Classic Jazz In The New Orleans Tradition.
Usonia Jazz - Central Coast Band that presents elegant swing from the 30's & 40's. Check out their performance schedule if you need a jazz fix when you're in wine country.
Vaud And The Villains - A 20 piece New Orleans theamed musical theatrical experience. This is a real SHOW and once you see it you will never be the same again. Come and get Villainized!
Performing Artists:
Clint Baker - San Francisco based Muli-Instrumentalist and Jazz Historian.
Chris Cavera - My brother's website containing samples of his original Electronica, Techo, and Speed Metal Guitar Compositions.
Jim Cullum - Jim Cullum's official site.
Kim Cusack - Chicago style jazz clarinet and saxophone.
Banu Gibson - Hot New Orleans Jazz, swinging vocals, and all around stand-up gal. See her in New Orleans or on one of her many tours.
Joe Hopkins - Jazz Clarinetist. This website has a lot of info about Jazz in Arizona including the annual festival put on by the Arizona Classic Jazz Society.
Rebecca Kilgore - 30's style Jazz Vocalist/Guitarist based in the Portland Oregon area.
Jerry Krahn - Nashville based acoustic guitar instrumentalist.
Dawn Lambeth - An accomplished keyboardist and vocalist reminicent of Maxine Sullivan & Lee Wiley.
Woody Pittman - Perhaps one of the best-loved comedy magicians working today. This site contains performance updates as well as tricks for the magically inclined.
Moira Quirk - Stand up comedy with a twist of limey.
Michael Raynor - Funny professional tricky person.
Tom Sharpsteen - Albert System New Orleans Clarinet Player.
Ray Skjelbred - Piano & Poetry.
Hal Smith - Drummer / Bandleader extrodinare and one of my frequent parteners in many rhythm sections (for good reason!).
Erika Stoner - Harpist, Singer, & Actress!
Chris Tyle - TYLEMAN!
Craig Ventresco - Ragtime & Early Jazz Guitarist. Historian and authority on early Jazz cylinders and 78s.

At Vintage Guitars with Hertz playing his very beautiful
and rare Stromberg Guitar (he insisted!).

Here are links to a couple short films made by my friend Julian. He is a young French Filmmaker who happend into 'Vintage Guitars' as Hertz (the shop owner) and I were jamming. Please follow the links below or go to and put my name in the search engine.

"All Of Me"
"I'll Bet You Tell That To All The Girls"

Jazz Festivals & Clubs:
America's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Socitey - San Diego, California
The Arizona Classic Jazz Society - Chandler, Arizona
The Basin Street Regulars - Pismo Beach, California
Bay Area Hot Jazz Guide (Rae Ann's List) - An extensive list of live music events in the San Francisco Bay area featuring Dixieland, Traditional, New Orleans, and Django Jazz.
Dixieland Monterey - Monterey, California
Evergreen Jazz Festival - Evergreen, Colorado
Fresno Dixieland Society - Fresno, California
Maxwell DeMille's Cicada Club - Los Angeles, California
Sacramento Music Festival - Sacramento, California
Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society - Sacramento, California
Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree - Sun Valley, Idaho
West Coast Ragtime Society - San Francisco & Sacramento, California
Music Links:
A La Recherche de Josephine - "Looking For Josephine" - The promotional website for the musical.
America's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Socitey - A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of Traditional Jazz. They sponser many jazz events inculding an annual festival over Thanksgiving weekend, and an Adult Traditional Jazz Camp.
Bay Area Hot Jazz Guide (Rae Ann's List) - An extensive list of live music events in the San Francisco Bay area featuring Dixieland, Traditional, New Orleans, and Django Jazz.
Classic Jazz Online - Listen and download early jazz. Playlists by year and artists. This site is also searchable.
Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine - A great collection of 78's online for your listening pleasure.
Historic American Sheet Music - Duke University's collection of 19th and early 20th Century American Sheet Music.
Jazz Banjo - This web site is for plectrum, tenor and guitar tuned four string banjos. It's purpose is to provide information about the four string banjo for the encouragement and enjoyment of the instrument.
Jazz Lives - Michael Stienman is a jazz archivist with a love of traditional jazz and swing. He's an interesting and prolific writer and here he blogs about jazz past and present.
The Ladies Banjo Society of California - A social club and charitible organization.
The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music - A well indexed site containing over 29,000 pieces of popular American sheet music. You may view and print music that has entered the public domain.
Origin Jazz Library - Record Label For Blues, Jazz, Folk, Cajun & Western Swing. Check out their Milton Brown and Bix sets!
Quicktime - This free media player will allow you to watch video and hear music on the web. I use a Mac and this works well for me.
RealPlayer - This free media player will also allow you to watch video and hear music on the web. Look for the RealPlayer-Free button.
The Red Hot Jazz Archive - A History of jazz before 1930. Lots of 78's as well as films and bios of musicians and bands.
The San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation - Preserving the History of the West Coast Jazz Revival.
Amazon - My parents have written a book which is based on their award winning newspaper column, "The Second Half". It's titled, "Closing In On God" and is available through The easiest way to find it is with a quick search by title or for author (Jim and Ann) Cavera under the subject "Books".
Caparone Winery - Musician / Bandleader (Usonia Jazz Band) Marc Caparone's other gig. Exceptional wines since 1979.
Catholic Senior Spirit - My Mom & Dad's website with information on their latest book "Grounded In God".
Ether Frolic - The Narrative Surrealist art of John S. Reynolds.
Retro Junk - 80's nostalgia site. My brother has written several articles for this site. (See a trend?) Read Chris Cavera's article: 80's Toys For Young Nerds.
The The Syncopated Times - Exploring the World of Hot Jazz, Ragtime, and Swing.